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Truth, and the freedom to fly that shows up when I uncover it, has always been my favorite thing.


27 years into a truth-seeking adventure through the worlds of psychology, religion, self-development, health and a 100 other cool things I thought would make me and my life how they were supposed to be, I happened upon a simple understanding of how life works. To my complete surprise, what I glimpsed changed everything.  Not because things finally changed enough for me to be okay, but because I saw nothing was wrong with me or life in the first place.

As I got clear eyes for the simple design behind life, all of my past experience made sense to me in a much deeper and clearer context. I saw I had mistaken my thought-created problem-filled reality for life, instead of the infinite peace, presence and possibility beneath it. Best of all, I found new eyes for the real Mer beneath the thought-created problem-filled version of her I'd been trying to fix. As I’ve witnessed repeatedly in my own life and that of my clients,

When even a slice of misunderstanding about ourselves or life dissolves, the best within us naturally wakes up and comes to life.

As a Master Transformative Coach, I work with clients all over the world from the Rocky Mountains of Springville, Utah. I've worked as a mentor coach on the faculty of Michael Neill’s SuperCoach Academy and love coaching and mentoring people who have a passion for helping others.

I love to play in the transformative space through speaking, teaching and podcasting. I co-hosted Then Again What Do We Know with Brianne Grebil and have enjoyed being a guest on various podcasts. During an adventure with cancer I fell deeply in love with writing and have since become a published author and poet.

I completed a year-long apprenticeship with Michael Neill in 2019, an internationally-renowned transformative coach and best-selling author, and I am a two-time graduate of SuperCoach Academy. Prior to coaching, I worked as a K-12 School Counselor, Adult Education Counselor and Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner. I received an MS in Psychology/School Counseling and a BS in Family and Human Development from Utah State University.  


Beyond writing and coaching, my loves are reading 10 books at once, any flavor of flying, and doing life with my hubby and our three boys.

You always feel safe and loved when you're with Mer and, at the same time, she stands for the

infinite potential she sees in you.


Mer is a profound presence in which there are no limits.  


I find Mer extremely enjoyable to work with. She is fun, silly,

a patient listener, and she

has a depth to her soul that

I rarely find in others. 


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