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Stories from the Muses

The book is an anthology by 14 authors (including Mer :) who write from archetypal muse energies.


Their flavor and expression is unique to each of us, but we all have within us a child, maiden, mother, seductress, huntress, crone and medusa (or their male counterparts). They are the psychic building blocks of our universal human experience. And writing from them is the ride of a lifetime.


The technique comes from Method Writing taught by Jules Swales, who provides guidance throughout, to help writers become better at their craft.

There is adult content in the book.


All profits will be used to help other writers, who have a strong story to share, but can't afford to publish. 


Read Mer's Medusa muse piece, The Demons Will Fall, about making peace with anger.


Writing: The living edge of coming back home to myself


Interview by Anna Scott 

Anna interviews Mer about the muse book and being a writer

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The Breath of God:
A Writer's Journey

A stunning two-minute compilation poem written and read by all the authors of the book Stories from the Muses. I'd love you to meet these cool people :)

Book Launch:
Stories from the Muses

hosted by Jamie Fiore Higgins, where each author shares how writing from the muses has impacted their life and their writing.

Reality Bathed in Hope:
A Cancer Blog

A glimpse into Mer's journey through ovarian cancer. Beyond the subject of cancer, this book is a deep dive into the innate presence in each of us untouched by illness.