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from a new altitude

Something cool happens when we explore life from a higher landing. 

We quiet down, our eyes clear and life becomes simple.

Our story feels less personal and we see we're part of the whole.

Life-changing insights show up and what to do next becomes obvious.

But the best part? 

We step back into a life already full of more ease, freedom and possibility.

Whether you dip your toes or dive all the way in, every offering here is an invitation to step back and let your eyes clear. Everything else will take care of itself.
Welcome to an exploration that will bring you back to life.

"Some people seem as though they were born to make a difference in the world.

It's a kind of transformative presence that makes everyone around them better regardless of how much or how little time you spend with them.  If you get the chance to experience Mer through her writing or speaking or luckier still in person, grab onto it with both hands and don't let go!"

Michael Neill

Internationally renowned transformative

coach and best-selling author

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