It's so much easier than you think

Everything you need is already built in.

To life. And to you.

There is nothing wrong with you.  Or with life.  

Getting clear eyes on how you, and life, actually work is the only thing standing in your way.

There is nothing to do, only something to see

and the simple matter of knowing where to look.

If you’re crippled by internal storms, frustrated

by circumstances, or hungry to expand

and create something in the world,

this conversation is for you.  

Welcome to a conversation
that will bring you back to life.

"Some people seem as though they were born to make a difference in the world.

It's a kind of transformative presence that makes everyone around them better regardless of how much or how little time you spend with them.  If you get the chance to experience Mer through her writing or speaking or luckier still in person, grab onto it with both hands and don't let go!"

Michael Neill

Internationally renowned transformative

coach and best-selling author


Listen to Mer and her friend & colleague Brianne 

explore the human experience

from an unofficial point of view. 

Copy of podcast cover.jpg
an adventure into...

...the peace, wisdom

and creativity of

your true nature

...traveling through

experience without

being afraid of it


...coming alive in the playground

of possibility and navigating

from beyond your

world of thought

...growth and

expansion beyond

working on yourself

About Mer

25 years into a truth-seeking adventure through the worlds of psychology, religion, self-development, healing and a 100 other cool things designed to fix me and my life, I happened upon a simple understanding of how life works. To my complete surprise, what I saw changed everything. 


Mer is like a sherpa, patiently walking with you up a mountain

to view life from a new altitude.


The hours I spent talking with Mer have lifted something very heavy that I have been

carrying for most of my life.  I feel at peace knowing that the life I really want

has been there all along and I simply needed to see it.


Having conversations with Mer has helped me smoothly navigate

one of the most difficult transitions of my life.



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