The game of clearing your eyes
The secret to thriving lies in the opposite direction of trying to fix whatever you think is off in your world. 
Real change happens inside a simple conversation where, instead of trying to fix you and your life, we play with clearing up your eyesight.

Explore With Me


How do your eyes clear?

We sit on the edge of your life and explore the view from a wider lens. We look beyond and beneath your story to get eyes for how life and the human design already have your back.


We don’t dig in your past, we don’t argue with your psychology, we don’t try and get you to change. Instead, we drop into the space just beneath the surface of you and life where everything you're looking for is already fully alive and waiting. 

Living from a new altitude

As your eyes clear, you begin to notice that everything you need is already built in, and you relax. You fall back into your natural capacity to navigate with common sense and creativity, and you find the freedom to play full out.


Every offering here is an invitation to step back, clear your eyes and look again from a higher landing. I don't know what you'll see, but I know it will inspire you, surprise you and bring you back to life.

Clear Your Eyes


Open The Door


Take Flight


Lift Others


Dip Your Toes


The hours I spent talking with

Mer have lifted something very heavy that I have been carrying

for most of my life. The life I really want has been here all along.


I've tried almost every kind of therapy due to a lifelong struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, abuse, trauma, and loss of a child. Where traditional therapy is “Let’s figure out what is wrong with you and fix it,” coaching with Mer is more “You are already completely whole, let me help you see that.”  This shift has been absolutely invaluable to me.


Having conversations with Mer has helped me smoothly navigate one of the most difficult transitions of my life.