A transformative experience custom-made for your own audience

Whether your playground is business or personal, a fun and warm invitation to get new eyes for...

debunking seriousness

unleashing creativity

riding the unknown

doing more with less angst

developing yourself

solving problems

making decisions

uncovering resilience

lifting & helping others

unpacking emotion

enjoying relationship

falling into faith & hope

befriending the past
surfing illness & pain

unwrapping peace

finding grace in a body



Mer has a way with words: Beautiful, clear words that

cut through to truth. They

are a like a most gorgeous

gut punch of love.


Mer speaks with such gentle strength and clarity that everyone (and I mean everyone) just goes quiet and listens. Her presence is pure loving presence. This power, coupled with speaking her uncompromising truth and down-to-earth examples, is perfect for facilitating groups to transform and gain life-changing insights.


I am stunned at Mer's ability to

draw listeners into the space

where formless meets form.

Her words always resonate.