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  • Mer Monson

A New Podcast

Hi blog readers!

Dropping in to share some fun news :) Today I am launching a new podcast I'm with my amazing friend and colleague, Brianne Grebil. She and I got the spark to create something together, and we could not be happier to officially invite you in on the fun.

“Then again, what do we know?” is an unofficial deep dive into the human experience. Come wonder along with us as we unwrap the gift of what we’re waking up to and look beyond it to see what else we can see. We’d love to have you come wonder with us, and invite others in your circle who might enjoy it too. The first three episodes are available now (on my website, apple, google and stitcher), and new episodes will be coming your way every Thursday.

Are you hungry for a fresh take on life? Here’s a doorway, with love and laughter and new possibility behind it. See you there :)

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