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  • Mer Monson

Memories from Surgery

Went in for surgery on Tuesday September 29th at 3pm to explore two masses in my abdomen.  Woke up several hours later with four incisions, no ovaries and a cancer diagnosis.  A few memorable moments from my hospital adventure...

  • the multiple people (friends, nurses, staff) who told me my surgeon was "the best" 

  • being asked to pee in a cup when I'd been fasting for over 17 hours :)

  • the crazy "plastic-bag" gown they put me in for surgery that hooked up to a hot/cold air pump - a bit like wearing an air conditioner unit

  • the amusingly uncomfortable nurse who got stuck with the job of telling me I had to shave before surgery, who left the razor in the sink 15 feet from where I was hooked up to IVs and walked out - good thing I'm resourceful

  • the awesome pink socks given to me by a friend the night before I went in - a major improvement over the hospital's offering

  • my perfect-for-me nurse Carter who spent that first rough night with me - he even held my hand when I asked him too :)

  • my gut response to Steve's drug-filtered news that my ovaries were gone and I had ovarian cancer 

  • asking the surgeon, who came to see me the next morning, for a dose of hope - he delivered

  • walking down the hall with Steve and almost dying from the belly pain that hit when we started laughing about something (still can't remember what)

  • the endless hours spent trying to pee so I could go home, and the eventual sudden success after some BodyTalk help

  • a nurse referring to Steve as "that sweet husband of yours" 

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