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  • Mer Monson

A little news

Another wild day at Huntsman complete with port access, blood work, a doctor visit, acupuncture, lunch and a five-hour infusion.  Also a day of unusually goofy moods - my body must be craving laughter.  My white blood cell count was just under the border of acceptable for a full dose today, so they cut the dose of the once-every-three-weeks drug by about 17%.  If it drops much lower next week, they'll give me an extra week off to build my WBC count back up.  My oncologist said this is pretty normal and the shrinking of chemo doses sometimes happens at this point in the journey.  Fine by me - I've had the impression from the get go that I'm getting more drug than my body actually needs. Two best moments of the day...

  1. The HILARIOUSLY loud snore from a fellow chemo recipient across the infusion room - best response to Benadryl I've heard in a long time :)

  2. Steve's comment as my nurse Janet donned her gloves and gown to hook me up to the first chemo drug (yes, they wear gowns and gloves to protect themselves while injecting it straight into the biggest vein in my body - tell me that's not worth laughing at)...anyway, the comment ..."Janet's putting on the cape! That means you're going to get your super powers!"  So refreshing after hearing (just in the past two days) that I'm being pummeled with a big stick and poisoned.  I prefer the super power angle, and you know what? So does my body.  

Three down, three to go! Actually it's five down eleven to go but the first one gives me a way bigger buzz :)

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