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Take the weight out of lifting others 

An invitation to explore deepening your impact while giving from a well of resilience, ease, hope and creativity. The secret is not in what you're trying to help others do, it's in what you see before you even begin.

75 minute session, $150


In every conversation Mer and I had, I experienced an insight that was VERY impactful on my coaching. 

She had the ability to go deep in a very natural and easy way, and then point to one or two things that improved my coaching enormously.


As someone who has trained professionally in various therapeutic and high performing models such as Psychotherapy and Executive Coaching I've never found a methodology that works beyond the mind and emotions and body.
Yet, in the time I spent with Mer, I tapped into something much deeper beyond these levels. I have yet to experience a deeper level of transformation.


The depth of presence and awareness I can now bring to each

of my client's coaching sessions is exponentially bigger, yet effortless.


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