Under The Noise Podcast

Slip under the noise with this gorgeous meandering chat with Kate and Wyn. I speak about how life looked before and after my “glimpse”, what I've seen about who we are as human beings, my current blind spots, and life’s new invitations for me.


One Simple Truth

A short video I made while creating this website that speaks to a truth at the heart of genuine transformation. 

Finding True Religion

In this 3PGC webinar, I share how the 3P understanding has eased and transformed my experience of religion, and what religion, at heart, is really about.

Spitballs of Wisdom

A few minutes of fun with Martin Dara on his Spitballs of Wisdom podcast. I share something I wish I could tell my younger self and what I wish we'd teach kids in school.

Creativity Conversations

As a guest on Nina Lockwood's weekly Creativity Conversations, we had fun exploring the role presence plays in the creative process. We also took a fresh look at creativity in relationships and cancer.

Presence and Creativity

A fun exploration with Nico as part of his "You Out Loud" program. A deep dive into exploring presence, creativity, and the game of letting something larger than us be in charge. Click here to learn more about his amazing program.

A Last Lecture

A last assignment for an Emerging Voices program where I share my favorite things about being alive. 

The Entrepeneur Playground Podcast

Kristi Halverson and I explore with Martin, "What if we're already on the playground and we're just making it too serious?" 

playground podcast.jpg
"I’m good, but wouldn’t it be cool if..."

Coach Jasmyne DesBiens and I explore dreaming and doing cool stuff on her podcast, Dream it! Dare it! Do it!

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Sharp Left Turn: An Interview with Sarah Kostin

Coach Sarah Kostin interviews me in her Sharp Left Turn series about the challenges and gifts of walking through cancer...

Sharp Left Turn with Sarah Kostin
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