Transformative COACHING

You know that moment of clarity when you finally see the truth of how something works, after hours or years of racking your brain trying to fix it?  Ya, me too.  It’s when you laugh at yourself for not seeing what's right in front of your face, and you relax as a chunk of the world slides off your shoulders and you just know what to do next.

Nowhere is this more true than with you, your mind, and your life.  You are not broken and there is nothing in need of repair.  Getting clear eyes for the human design not only clears the path forward, but offers lasting impact far beyond the fruits of strategies, therapies, tools and techniques.  Whether you're feeling crippled by internal storms, frustrated by circumstance or hungry to create something new in the world, this conversation is for you.

The secret to thriving lies in the opposite direction of trying to fix whatever you think is off in your world.  It lies beneath the world of thought, in the space where all thinking comes from, where clarity, resilience, creativity and possibility are always alive.  It's where the real you is.  It's your default.​  And it's the answer to everything.

The playground of possibility is never more fun than when your true nature shows up to play.

"Some people seem as though they were born to make a difference in the world. 

It's a kind of transformative presence that makes everyone around them better regardless of how much or how little time you spend with them.  


If you get the chance to experience Mer through her writing or speaking or luckier still in person, grab onto it with both hands and don't let go!"

Michael Neill

Internationally renowned transformative 

coach and best-selling author

Here are my favorite ways to work with clients, but packages are easily custom-designed.  

  Sessions can be done on zoom, by phone or in person.  

Fish flock

Deep Dive

Three or Four days, 1-2 sessions per day

Individual or Small Group

A transformative time-out from life.  We'll co-explore upstream of whatever's eating you up, weighing on your mind, or ready to be created in the world through you. Wake up to the possibility of living from beyond the world you've created with your mind.

Beautiful amazing nature background. Tro

Ocean of Possibility

Four months

Deep Dive (3-4 days) followed by two sessions per month

Email/text support in between

Ready for a whole new experience of being alive?  Wake up to the infinite space outside the world of thought and come home to the real you.  Explore, over time, how living from your true nature and navigating from beyond the known transforms every aspect of your life.


Dip Your Toes

Free exploratory session


A chance to meet, answer your questions and chat until

we both know if working together is the next best move

In every conversation Mer and I had, I experienced an insight that was VERY impactful on my coaching. She had the ability to go deep in a very natural and easy way, and then point to

one or two things that improved my coaching enormously.

"Clear Eyes" is a great name for her coaching practice, as it seems that she always has the clarity

to know which direction will be more impactful in a conversation. If I had to describe Mer's coaching in three words, I would choose: simple, deep and impactful.


Psychologist, Coach

Mer's presence and reassuring nature made me feel like I could unravel whatever storm was going on inside, without fear of judgement. I could completely be myself and together we explored areas of stuckness. Her loving feedback was incredibly insightful for me as she pointed possible areas of deeper exploration for myself and my clients. I truly felt she was at my side during my coaching training.  She has a way with words: beautiful, clear words that cut through to truth. 

They are a like a most gorgeous gut punch of love.


High Shool Teacher, Coach

The hours I spent talking with Mer have lifted something very heavy that I have been carrying for most of my life.  I feel at peace knowing that the life I really want had been there all along and I simply needed to see it.  I no longer have a check-list of things I need to do to be 'OK.'


Professional Artist, Mom

Having consecutive conversations with Mer over a 3 day period was life changing. She is a profound presence in which there are no limits.  Mer is like a sherpa, patiently walking with you up a mountain to view life from a new altitude. Through her consistent pointings and profound insights,  I was able to take my hands off the wheel of my life. She brought me into a clearing where I stood empty-handed with nothing to do. In this expanded state, I came face to face with my true self, getting a glimpse of my perfection and wholeness. Never had freedom tasted so sweet. In that space I was able to view life like a child who was utterly free to make up the game as I went.  


With this profound new sense of freedom and way of seeing, so much has opened up in my life already. Professionally I had been stuck for years and out of the blue, doors opened and the right people showed up. Physically I had been struggling with food sensitivities and still entangled in all the “rules” around food.  During a few of our sessions,  I tangibly felt the cells in my body shift into a profound stillness. I have already seen  improvements in what I have been able to eat and expect more to come. Mer mirrored exactly what I needed to expand and fly. Her heart is huge and her vast love was the wind for my wings. With profound love and gratitude, thank you Mer!



Having conversations with Mer has helped me smoothly navigate one of the most difficult transitions of my life.  She has helped me to see that I'm okay no matter what is going on around me.  My time with Mer has been very valuable and I highly recommend working with her.


Yoga Instrutor, Massage Therapist

We began with a three-day transformative intensive. Those three consecutive days brought me

out of the pit I had been living in and helped me see that I would actually be completely OK

because I already WAS completely OK, no fixing required. Mer gently and kindly led me through

a process of seeing how I had innocently fallen into the beliefs that there was something fundamentally wrong with me. I thought I was broken. I felt broken.


After my intensive, I felt alive again, and for the first time in a while, I felt hopeful! It was beautiful.

I continued with additional sessions so that I could build on the foundation we established during my intensive. Over that time, Mer felt more like a lifelong, solid friend than anything else. Her love and her support are indescribable. I am forever grateful for the difference Mer has made in my life. I look forward to this new hope-filled, joyful life I am now living. Thank you, Mer. 



Meeting Mer has been a big blessing in my life.  Her coaching comes from a place of love and respect.  She helped facilitate different ways of understanding in me and the outcome has been crucial to my healing.  Mer gave me a gift that continually blesses my life as I feel more at peace, even among the struggles of life.  Her passion for coaching is refreshing and she really listens in order to get to the heart of the matter.  I highly recommend Mer!


Mom, Cancer Survivor

Talking with Mer throughout this past year has opened my eyes and heart. The concepts she shares are simple and powerful. They feel right, like home. Her kind, good heart helped me feel more comfortable and open to talking. She is also a wonderful listener and I felt safe and heard. She was respectful of me and my journey in this life. There was no judgment.


I've come to believe that we all hold quiet truth and divinity within us and Mer's own experiences and background in that area contributed to my own understanding of who we are. One thought she's shared throughout our sessions has been the idea that we are not our thoughts. They never define us. Often we strive to push certain feelings or thoughts away because they make us uncomfortable, but Mer has helped me realize that we are all learning.


When we are curious about who we are and what we experience it can be exciting, foster growth, and help us gain a depth of understanding that we would otherwise be blind to. Letting thoughts come and go and taking a step back from ourselves can bring the clarity we need to more fully appreciate and value each day. "Let it be" comes to mind, and Mer can help such concepts become a part of you.


College Student

Thank you Mer for helping me see how we are all LOVE and that the beautiful "Blue Sky" is always there for us to enjoy. We just need to stop overthinking things and realize that we don't need to hold on so tight. With life being life there are always ups and downs, but now it's so much easier for me to just let the negative thoughts go (because they are "just thoughts") and embrace the Blue Sky of love.  Thank you for showing me that. Thank you for be you!


Mom, Grandmother, Caregiver


Clear Eyes