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The first time I heard Mer speak I was truly captivated.  I am stunned at her ability to draw listeners into the space where formless meets form.  It’s remarkable and I can’t stop admiring her awareness in speaking, coaching and teaching. It doesn’t matter whether she’s motivating 52 newly certified transformative coaches or giving a last lecture to the world. It always resonates, it always feels warm and it always sounds angelic.


Coach/Creator of  unFIT Brand


Mer speaks with such gentle strength and clarity that everyone (and I mean everyone) just goes quiet and listens. Her presence is pure loving presence. This power, coupled with speaking her uncompromising truth and down-to-earth examples, is perfect for facilitating groups to transform and gain life-changing insights

Transformative Business Coach



Coach, HS Teacher

Mer has a way with words: beautiful, clear words that cut through to truth.  They are a like a most gorgeous gut punch of love.


Kristy Halvorsen

Transformative Coach

Mer is a truth teller with the wisdom of a sage. It’s a rare gift when one’s presence alone captivates an audience. When she speaks, a space deep inside acknowledges and awakens to a new way of relating. And in the silence that lingers between her words, you’ll find home. No matter the topic, she will leave you with a hunger to see more and a fullness that satiates any desire to look outside yourself to find it.


Mentoring T




Owner of

Mer is connected to something deeper that my mind struggles to find words for. Yet, as I connected with her in our sessions I found myself touching that space as well too. It brought out something within me that I didn't know was there.

In my time with Mer I softened, into myself and into life. A beautiful melting happened whereby my thoughts and emotions fell by the wayside and I tapped into a timeless space where anything was possible. I wholeheartedly believe that the people who've mastered the art of helping others to tap into that timeless space will be the top coaches and high performers of our time. 

As someone who has trained professionally in various therapeutic and high performing models such as Psychotherapy and Executive Coaching I've never found a methodology that works beyond the mind and emotions and body. Yet, in the time I spent with Mer, I tapped into something much deeper beyond these levels. I have yet to experience a deeper level of transformation.



Coach, HS Teacher

Mer's presence and reassuring nature made me feel like I could unravel whatever storm was going on inside, without fear of judgement. I could completely be myself and together we explored areas of stuckness.


Her loving feedback was incredibly insightful for me as she pointed possible areas of deeper exploration for myself and my clients. I truly felt she was at my side during my coaching training.  She has a way with words: beautiful, clear words that cut through to truth.  They are a like a most gorgeous gut punch of love.



Transformative Coach

Mer has this beautiful capacity of creating a space of possibility, magic and love with every single coaching conversation. It's a feeling so powerful that words don't do justice to what working with her can do for you and your coaching.


Spending time with her allowed me to awaken greater awareness of what I'm capable of, stepping just beyond the edges of what I knew, and expanding the possibilities I saw around me. You always feel safe and loved when you're with her, and at the same time, she will stand for the infinite potential she sees in you, challenging you to let go of self-imposed limitations and opening to the beauty and mystery of life.


I believe that spending time with someone who is so certain that you're absolutely ok is a deeply transformative experience, and Mer is absolutely wonderful at doing just that.


I worked with Mer to develop my coaching and the way I approached the business of building a thriving practice, and her impact has been enormous. We would review coaching calls, never from a right/wrong perspective, but with the curiosity and wonder that lead to game-changing insights. The depth of presence and awareness I can now bring to each session is exponentially bigger, yet effortless. I would recommend working with Mer to anyone who wants to have a taste of how powerful and transformative presence can be.

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Transformative Coach

If I had to describe Mer's mentoring and coaching in 3 words, I would choose: Simple, deep and impactful.


In every supervision I had with her, I experienced an insight that has been VERY impactful on my coaching. She always had the clarity to know which direction will be more impactful in a conversation. She had the ability to go deep in a very natural and easy way, and then point one or two things that improved my coaching enormously.

Coaching T


Cancer Survivor




College Student


Caregiver, Grandmother

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Massage Therapist,

Yoga Instructor

Having conversations with Mer has helped me smoothly navigate one of the most difficult transitions of my life.  She has helped me to see that I'm okay no matter what is going on around me.  My time with Mer has been very valuable and I highly recommend working with her.



Author, Artist, Mom

I LOVE working with Mer! Coaching sessions with her have been incredibly impactful on my life. I  have tried almost every kind of therapy out there in my lifetime due to a lifelong struggle with depression, anxiety, PTSD, abuse, trauma, loss of a child, etc.  In my opinion, a month of sessions with her is worth a year of regular talk therapy.


Once I started coaching with Mer I felt a gentle shift in my life, one that made me look at all of my “problems” differently. Sometimes during a conversation with her I would feel like I was learning something for the first time. I laugh now while I am typing this because there really was my brain before I met Mer, and my brain now. 

Coaching with Mer, for me, is somewhat like traditional talk therapy in that you talk for about an hour, but the outcomes were very different for me. Where traditional therapy is more “Let’s figure out what is wrong with you and then let’s figure out how to fix it” coaching with Mer is more “You are already completely whole, let me help you see that.”  This shift in perspective has been absolutely invaluable to me in my life.

I find Mer to be extremely enjoyable to work with. She is fun, silly, a patient listener, and she has a depth to her soul that I rarely find in others. She asks such lovely questions, she sees you with her third eye, she really has a gift. Mer helps me see the world with new eyes. I always feel refreshed and full of  peace after I speak with her.

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Professional Artist, Mom

The hours I spent talking with Mer have lifted something very heavy that I have been carrying for most of my life.  I feel at peace knowing that the life I really want had been there all along and I simply needed to see it.  I no longer have a check-list of things I need to do to be 'OK.'



Transformative Coach

Having consecutive conversations with Mer over a 3 day period was life changing. She is a profound presence in which there are no limits.  Mer is like a sherpa, patiently walking with you up a mountain to view life from a new altitude. Through her consistent pointings and profound insights,  I was able to take my hands off the wheel of my life. She brought me into a clearing where I stood empty-handed with nothing to do. In this expanded state, I came face to face with my true self, getting a glimpse of my perfection and wholeness. Never had freedom tasted so sweet. In that space I was able to view life like a child who was utterly free to make up the game as I went.  


With this profound new sense of freedom and way of seeing, so much has opened up in my life already. Professionally I had been stuck for years and out of the blue, doors opened and the right people showed up. Physically I had been struggling with food sensitivities and still entangled in all the “rules” around food.  During a few of our sessions,  I tangibly felt the cells in my body shift into a profound stillness. I have already seen improvements in what I have been able to eat and expect more to come. Mer mirrored exactly what I needed to expand and fly. Her heart is huge and her vast love was the wind for my wings. With profound love and gratitude, thank you Mer!


Meeting Mer has been a big blessing in my life.  Her coaching comes from a place of love and respect.  She helped facilitate different ways of understanding in me and the outcome has been crucial to my healing.  Mer gave me a gift that continually blesses my life as I feel more at peace, even among the struggles of life.  She really listens in order to get to the heart of the matter.  I highly recommend Mer!


We began with a three-day transformative intensive. Those three consecutive days brought me out of the pit I had been living in and helped me see that I would actually be completely OK because I already WAS completely OK, no fixing required. Mer gently and kindly led me through a process of seeing how I had innocently fallen into the beliefs that there was something fundamentally wrong with me. I thought I was broken. I felt broken.


After my intensive, I felt alive again, and for the first time in a while, I felt hopeful! It was beautiful. I continued with additional sessions so that I could build on the foundation we established during my intensive. Over that time, Mer felt more like a lifelong, solid friend than anything else. Her love and her support are indescribable. I am forever grateful for the difference Mer has made in my life. I look forward to this new hope-filled, joyful life I am now living. Thank you, Mer. 



Voice Instructor,

Alexander Practitioner

After working with Mer my mind is clearer. She helped me shine light on my thoughts as well as trust my inner wisdom more. Mer always greets me as an old friend would, with incredible warmth. She creates a safe space to explore life's questions together. I highly recommend working with her - I am forever changed!


Talking with Mer throughout this past year has opened my eyes and heart. The concepts she shares are simple and powerful. They feel right, like home. Her kind, good heart helped me feel more comfortable and open to talking. She is also a wonderful listener and I felt safe and heard. She was respectful of me and my journey in this life. There was no judgment.


I've come to believe that we all hold quiet truth and divinity within us and Mer's own experiences and background in that area contributed to my own understanding of who we are. One thought she's shared throughout our sessions has been the idea that we are not our thoughts. They never define us. 


When we are curious about who we are and what we experience it can be exciting, foster growth, and help us gain a depth of understanding that we would otherwise be blind to. Letting thoughts come and go and taking a step back from ourselves can bring the clarity we need to more fully appreciate and value each day. "Let it be" comes to mind, and Mer can help this become a part of you.


Thank you Mer for helping me see how we are all LOVE and that the beautiful "Blue Sky" is always there for us to enjoy. We just need to stop overthinking things and realize that we don't need to hold on so tight. With life being life there are always ups and downs, but now it's so much easier for me to just let the negative thoughts go (because they are "just thoughts") and embrace the Blue Sky of love.  Thank you for showing me that. Thank you for being you!


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